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Learn the Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic casino game that is easy to learn and exciting to play, but it is certainly not simple to master. Players must first learn the rules of blackjack and then develop a basic strategy if they hope to be successful when it comes to playing this game. Listed here is some information about classic blackjack; it is important to note that there are more than a dozen variants of the game that all have different rules, however.

The Goal and Point Values

The goal of the game of blackjack is often misunderstood. While most players believe that the objective is to create a hand of 21 without going over, the real objective is to beat the dealer's hand without busting. The payouts for a two-card 21, or natural, are higher than the payouts associated with simply beating the dealer, but a win is a win nevertheless. In order to tally the score, players should know that Aces are worth one or 11 points, face cards and 10s are all worth 10 points, and the other cards are valued at the number that is on their faces. For instance, a four is worth four points and a seven is worth seven points.

Playing the Game

The majority of the rules of blackjack have to do with actually playing the game. Both the player and the dealer will receive two cards to start and these are known as 'hole' cards. The player will only be able to see one of the dealer's hole cards, however. Then, based on the point total shown in the player's hand as well as the dealer's up-card, the player will decide whether to 'hit', which means take another card, or 'stand' with the cards they have in their hands. If the player creates a hand worth more than 21 points, this is considered a 'bust' and the player loses his or her initial bet.

Other Common Blackjack Rules

There are some other blackjack rules that players may come across as they play in different venues. One such rule allows the player to 'double down', or double his or her wager in exchange for a single 'hit'. This is a good choice for hands in which a player feels confident that the third card will provide the best hand total. Players can also 'split' certain hands and create two hands out of one, but they must be willing to also double their antes in order to do so. The rules for doubling down and splitting are different from venue to venue, so players should be sure to read the house rules carefully before they play.

Blackjack Strategies

Although there are no rules of blackjack that state a player must use a strategy when playing, it is always a good idea. All blackjack strategies should revolve around the odds of the game and several factors go into this, depending upon the number of decks in the shoe and the point at which the shoe is replaced. Players should be sure to take the time to learn and memorize a blackjack odds chart if they want to have the best chances of winning.