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Learning to Count, To Win

Although blackjack is a popular game with a multitude of variants, there is nothing more wondrous about the game then the methods of card counting used by the pros. Canadian players do not have to be professionals in order to learn card counting, however. I have listed the following card counting tips for blackjack that can help anyone at any skill level learn how to win more often than ever before.

Deal Your Own Cards

The first thing you should do when learning this practice is deal cards to yourself just like you are sitting at a blackjack table in a casino. Deal other player hands, as well, as I have found that this will help you better understand exactly when you have the advantage. Of course, this only works after you have learned a basic strategy, and there are several from which to choose.

Have Someone Else Deal Your Cards

Another of the card counting tips for blackjack that I feel is helpful is recruiting someone else to deal to you. This is helpful because it is an even closer simulation to a real blackjack environment, especially if the friend you choose is a fast dealer. I found that this was the best way to challenge myself to since I had to go at the dealer's pace rather than my own.

Use Software

I tried out all different kinds of software when I chose to learn card counting, and some were definitely better than others. Of course, you'll want to find a program that you enjoy and remember that this will only work as long as you are playing your blackjack game online rather than in a live casino. Of course, you can't take the software into a casino with you.

Be an Observer

Perhaps the thing that helped me the most when I was learning was actually watching blackjack games in live casinos. In this manner, I could keep track of the cards that had been dealt and the overall value of the shoe without the added pressure of participating in the game. This made things simpler for me, and I think it'll be of great help to anyone who wants to learn one of these methods.

Learn a Basic Strategy First

A common mistake many players make is attempting to learn a complex counting strategy right off the bat. This can be troublesome for many reasons, but it's also quite discouraging. I recommend learning a basic high-low system first, and then gradually working up to more complex systems. Remember, the goal is to understand the value of the cards that remain in the shoe so that you can make better decisions.


In the end, this strategy does not have to be overly complex, nor do you need to study for hours on end to use it to your advantage. In just a couple of weeks after employing these tips, I found that I was able to win about 50% more than I normally would.