Why I Play Bodog Blackjack Free Online

Casino Bodog

People play Bodog blackjack free online for all kinds of different reasons. In some cases, they are new to a certain version and simply want to learn the rules prior to trying their luck with real money. For me, there are times when I just want a way to pass the time without spending money. Of course, in other cases, I'm practicing for an upcoming tournament that has the potential to truly pay off.

Learning a New Game

Between the dozens of software providers that exist in the world today, there are more than two dozen different versions of 21 that have their own unique sets of rules. Now, this is great news for me because I tend to get bored with the same things day after day, but it can be a bit troublesome for others - especially if they are still novices when it comes to the traditional version. Bodog blackjack free online is a great way for individuals to try out any of the varieties that are on offer without having to risk a single penny, allowing them the opportunity to practice before they make a real investment. This is something I do myself on occasion, especially when there is a tournament involved.

Passing the Time

In many cases, I just want to pass an hour or so without having to worry about spending any of my hard-earned money. Of course, there are times when I prefer real-money play just like everyone else. However, being able to just sit back, relax and take on the house without any kind of monetary investment is a thrill in itself. The good news is that this establishment allows me to freely choose how I want to proceed; I can click a button whenever I log in that will allow me to access my wallet or simply play with free credits that are provided by the house. In either case, it's always a good time.

Practicing a Strategy or System

Finally, Bodog blackjack free online is a great way to practice various strategies and betting systems. Card counting is something that does very little in most online settings unless a live dealer is present, and since there aren't any unpaid live dealer sessions to be found here, it's useless to try. However, a strategy chart is absolutely perfect in these settings and they can be found in every game and rule variant out there! Similarly, I like to use these options whenever I'm trying out a new betting system. For example, I recently discovered the Fibonacci sequence and I found that practicing on the internet before spending real money was the best route to take.

All in all, although I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to the classic game of 21, I still enjoy Bodog blackjack free online for all of the reasons listed here. It's a perfect opportunity to practice, but it's also a great way just to have some fun without the worry of losing money that I'd prefer not to spend.