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Blackjack Superstitions Outrageous Or Necessary?

No matter what anyone - professional or amateur - ever tells me about blackjack, I know that this is a game that requires skill rather than luck. As such, blackjack superstitions are something that just seem silly to me. However, many a Canadian player truly believes in them. Listed here are some of the most common ones and although you might not believe in them, I've found that it's always best to show respect to those who do.

Holding Certain Cards

There are some people out there who believe that when they end up with a certain card in their hands, they're automatically going to lose that hand no matter what decisions they make. For instance, assume that the person to your left receives the exact card that caused the dealer to bust in the previous hand. For this person, it could be catastrophic since he or she has it in his or her head that this is the end of the road.

Chip Stacks

Something else that bothers people when it comes to blackjack superstitions is the way in which their chips are stacked. This can get downright crazy in some instances, too. While it might seem normal to you to keep all of your like chips in separate piles, there are some people who believe that this is just plain bad luck. These individuals will keep their chips in an untidy pile because they believe that this is somehow more favorable.

Aces and Eights

If, like me, you understand a thing or two about blackjack, then you likely understand that there are many situations in which it might be favorable for you to split. Of course, it all depends on the cards you have and what the dealer is showing. Regardless of what any strategy chart tells them, and no matter how mathematically sound that advice might be, there are people out there who will never split anything except for Aces and eights - and they will do so even when that decision would be considered unfavourable mathematically.

Trinkets and Charms

Finally, whether individuals choose to play online or in a land-based venue, they'll often bring trinkets or charms with them since they believe they'll be "luckier" in this manner. Now, even though I know that this is a game of skill, this is the only one of the blackjack superstitions to which I have fallen victim. I, too, bring pictures of my kids as well as a coin that I found on the ground several years ago to the table. It may sound silly and although I know it won't improve my odds mathematically, it is psychologically comforting and that's never a bad thing.

Though most of these blackjack superstitions aren't really going to matter in the long run, losing your cool certainly can. I always tell people that it doesn't matter which cards end up in your hand during any session; all that really matters is knowing the best choices to make based on what you've received.