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Making the Most of an Online Blackjack Bonus

I've played blackjack in land-based casinos before, and I've even had friends over to enjoy it at home. However, when the time came for me to try my hand in the online variant of the game, I wasn't sure where to start. Luckily, I was able to find some fantastic online blackjack bonus offers to get me started. Here, I'll tell you all about what I was able to find and how I think that these offers will help Canadian gamblers of all types find their footing.

Deposit Matches

The first thing I notices is that deposit matches seem to be the most common free offer out there. Essentially, these are given to those who are new to a venue as a reward for making a deposit. While some venues offered me as much as $1000 if I were to deposit $500, there are others that spread this out over several payments so that people with smaller budgets can get the most out of them. I found one that allowed me a 100% match of deposits of $30 and more for the first 10 payments I made, and this was perfect for me.

No Deposit Necessary

Another type of online blackjack bonus is the no-deposit promotion that simply provides people who are new to the venue with an amount of casino cash that can be used without any strings attached. You can find these types of bonuses by signing up to play on new sites. The amount is generally smaller, and I found that most venues offered between $5 and $50. This is an excellent way to try out a venue, but it should be noted that some conditions have to be met before any winnings can be cashed out. The website that I found with a $10 promotion required me to spend 50 times this amount, or $500, before I could withdraw anything at all.

Sticky vs. Cashable

Now, before I actually took the time to review the terms and conditions associated with the free offer, I didn't really understand what 'sticky' or 'cashable' meant. Essentially, 'sticky' means that while the funds in my account could be used to enjoy various blackjack variants, once I spent it, it was just gone. The winnings stayed in my account, though, and I could play with those as much as I wanted. Cashable, on the other hand, means that the amount awarded to me by the venue could be cashed out of my account as soon as I was able to meet all of the wagering requirements.

Using the Cash Wisely

Unlike some of the stories that I've read on the World Wide Web, I didn't just jump into things and spend like a madman. Instead, I treated my online blackjack bonus as if it were my own money and played rather conservatively. Even on the internet, the house edge for this title can be reduced significantly with a sound strategy, and this is the key to truly being able to utilize the cash to my advantage. I discovered that clearing the requirements may take some time, but that I'd have my winnings in hand soon enough.