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The Blackjack Movies List Top Three

Before I started playing the game of 21 in casinos, I was drawn to the game by a blackjack movies list. These films captured my imagination and put the game into perspective for me long before I ever received my very first hand of cards. Of course, while some are a bit far-fetched, others are based on real stories. Some are smart, some are funny, and others might just make you wince, but they're all a good glimpse into the world of those who do nothing but eat, sleep and breathe this classic casino game.


As one of the most controversial in any blackjack movies list, the story behind the film 21 is one that has gone down in history. It is based upon the MIT 6 who visited various casinos in Vegas and beyond to ultimately win millions by counting cards. They'd use fake identities and tactics as a team to take their winnings. I love this movie more than any other because it shines light on the fact that while card counting isn't illegal in its pure form, working as a team to dupe the dealer - or the casino - can lead to serious trouble.


This film, released in 1982, is another of my favorites because it's funny the whole way through. This was the last film ever directed by the famous Don Siegel, and it features a Vegas lounge singer played by Bette Midler who lives with a gambler who is a bit out of control. Of course, the dealer plays a very important role here, too, since Midler's live-in pal manages to completely jinx him along the way. If you like comedy that could potentially be realistic, then this is the top pick in the blackjack movies list for you.


This one is perhaps the grittiest in the blackjack movies list, and that's why it's also in my top three. It's about a guy named Jack who deals 21 in a run-down gambling environment and who works very hard not to get caught up in the lifestyle of gambling itself. This is a truly thrilling film that will have you on the edge of your seat and rooting for the underdog - even if the methods he uses aren't exactly fair or moral. You'll definitely feel some emotions with this one and while it might not make you want to go play blackjack right away, it'll certainly help you come to terms with what the lifestyle really means to some people.

While none of these films actually jump-started my love of the game, I can honestly say that they've taught me a few things along the way. For all three, there is one loud message and that is the fact that you have to play fair. Living the life of a high roller can be a lot of fun, but it can also come at a huge cost that some people can't quite afford.