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Why You Should Play Blackjack for Real Money

We all like to take risks from time to time, and I'm certainly no exception. When the mood strikes me, I often play blackjack for real money because it offers a real opportunity to win with a relatively low house edge. It is available at all of the gambling sites available to Canadians, so it shouldn't be hard to choose a venue and a variation of this classic that suits you.

Many Ways to Play

One of the things that I like the most about the internet version of this timeless classic is that I can play blackjack for real money from almost any device imaginable. I'm a technology junkie, so I have a desktop Windows machine, a Mac laptop, an Android tablet and an iPhone. Believe it or not, no matter which of these devices I prefer at the time, I can find a way to get in a few hands of 21 as long as I have an internet connection. Of course, it pays to be smart and only utilize open Wi-Fi networks that you can trust. Of course, it's possible to use network data but I found that it's important to check with your wireless carrier regarding usage - especially in the beginning.

Getting Incentives

Something else that I've found is that it's possible to get free money from various sites simply by creating an account with them. In some cases, you'll be given a flat amount of money without making a single deposit, and this is good news for anyone who is just interested in seeing what an establishment has to offer. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the big deposit bonuses that promise a 100%, 200% or even 300% match of my first deposit. Whether or not I choose to spend a lot of money, these matches boost my bankroll.


When I play blackjack for real money, I don't like having to stick with the same traditional game over and over and over again. I tend to select sites that offer Microgaming's Gold Series since there are more than a dozen options from which to choose. Double Exposure is an awesome game and one of my favorites because it allows me to see the dealer's hole card. Of course, this comes at a price with a reduced payout, but the increased odds in my favor more than make up for this.


If you're going to play blackjack for real money, I can't stress the importance of having a solid strategy enough. In my experience, I've found that it's best to print out a strategy chart that can be used to enjoy any variation that can be found in the World Wide Web. Essentially, this is going to tell you exactly what moves you should make based upon the situation at hand in order to provide you with the best odds of winning. It really doesn't get any easier than that.

Overall, this is my favorite way to pass the time and win some cash at the same time. It takes some practice and the determination to stick to the chart, but I'm sure that anyone - with time - can figure out exactly what it takes to make this practice a profitable one. While blackjack takes some time to learn, there's a way to start gambling right now that doesn't require much skill. With sports betting, you can rely on lady luck to help you win. Choose your favorite teams and place your bet at You can even find some sports betting strategies here to help you increase your odds of winning.